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           My name is Octavia, pronounced awk-tay-vee-uh, and I am a full-time photographer.  I was born and raised in Texas but now I reside in Utah.  I came to Utah for college and stayed for the mountains.  Most of the time I look way more serious in photos than I actually am in real life.   I love traveling & all things creative- photography, calligraphy, design, painting- you name it. I sometimes enjoy running, and always enjoy reading a good book. My favorite days are the ones I am able to spend with family, especially my husband Patrick. When people ask if I am adventurous I always answer with a big YES because I truly love the outdoors, and find nature to be my biggest inspiration.

Life is crazy and doesn't slow down no matter how hard we try, which is why it is my ambition to transform the beautiful everyday moments into meaningful lasting images.  I put my heart and soul into my work, and it is my hope that your eyes light up every time you see the photo I created for you. The permanence of a photograph is truly remarkable, and I feel so very lucky to be the one behind the camera orchestrating the image. 







Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella